Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Brow Palette

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Why is the Anastasia Pro Series Brow Palette a cult?

This palette comes with 12 pans of shadows, and it is ideal for both personal use as well as profession makeup personnel. The brow palette has more to offer that you can you can imagine- from granite to blonde and so much more. There is simply a wide array of shadows to choose from.

The palette comes with a high-quality brow primer to help hold the pigment in place and ensure brow perfection. Also, the formulas are also easy to build and blend and can last for a very long time. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the brows moving unexpectedly, even if you are sweating on the dance floor, it will just remain intact,

Furthermore, each pan comes with two complementary shades.

Therefore it is up to you to blend your style or improve your natural colour.

The shades come with Vitamin C and E, which are critical antioxidants, as they help protect your eyebrows and ensure they remain in perfect health.


The brow palette gives high-quality and defined brows, despite the starting point. It does not matter if you have real natural eyebrows or struggling to raise some, this brow powder duo will do you justice. The shades include Soft Brown, Blonde, Taupe, Medium Brown, Auburn, Caramel, Ebony, Granite, and Ash Brown. You can mix and match all these shades to match your taste.

How to use the Anastasia’s eyebrow

For the best results, make use of short feathery strokes with a heavy brush. Make sure you carry out the whole procedure gradually and carefully so as not to mess up things. The first step is to apply the darker shade to get the best shape and then put on the lighter shade on top according to your preference.


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