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There is two primary Kylie Eyeshadows Palette that has invaded the market and has sold more than expected: there is the shadow Burgundy palette and the shadow Eyeshadow bronze palette.

For the eyeshadow burgundy palette, it comes in a black box, and it is wrapped in foam. The box contains a printed note from Kylie. The note has Kylie’s eyes, which wink when you move the card back and forth.

The packaging of this product is the same as that of the bronze palette. The main difference is that this package features a burgundy shade on the outside and not bronze. Also, the drips on the cover represent its shades. The palette comprises of a thick cardboard and comes with a magnetic closure. However, both the bronze and burgundy don’t come with mirrors. However, Kylie insisted that future products will consider mirrors.

For the bronze palette, there is a total of nine shades including as jasper, quartz, topaz, citrine, tiger eye, hematite, goldstone, onyx colour and bronze. All the colours in this palette are matte finish except for the quartz which features a satin finish.

Benefits of Kylie Eyeshadows Palette

The best thing about the Kylie shadows is that they give you a medium buildable coverage. What makes this makeup product versatile is its aspect, nothing else! The Eyeshadows were produced for those who want to copy Kylie Jenner’s look, but you can still use it for a broad array of looks.

Purchasing Kylie Eyeshadows palette

The only legit store that sells this product is the official site for Kylie Cosmetics and UCAT Shop as Official Austrian Reseller. The packages sale is for 19.99 USD: this fee includes handling and shipping. Also, if you are planning to get a few other palettes for your family and friends, you should note that the palette is designed only for one customer use.


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