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The Kylie Gel Eyebrow Liner Kit is a new brand on the market manufactured by Kylie Cosmetics which is a company owned by Kylie Jenner.

This kit comes with both a gel liner and eyeliner, and it is quickly making a name for itself in the cosmetic world. In this review, we shall discuss whether or not the kit is worth its price.

So, what is a Kylie Gel Eyebrow Liner kit?

Well, this is an eye gel and eyeliner that will ensure you get your eyes looking like those of Kylie.

The product was announced in summer 2015.

Each of the Kylie Gel Eyebrow Liner Kit comes with a pencil and a gel.

The box is designed with the image of Kylie’s lashes and eyebrows. In the box, you will find an angled eyeliner brush as well as the pencil eyeliner and the dark bronze gel eyeliner

What are some of the components found in the kits?

Both the black and brown kits feature one crème gel eyeliner, with each measuring approximately 4 grammes, one full-sized synthetic angled brush as well as one pencil eyeliner.

Experts around the world describe the makeup kit as a wearing crème gel eyeliner.

The makeup itself is creamy; you will feel this once you apply it on your skin.

Another interesting feature of this makeup is that it does not smear or smudge, so you can stay with it the whole day without worrying about it falling off.

It is also highly pigmented, and this gives the user a dramatic look in the long run

The gel eyebrow liner is also known for its amazing creamy texture that ensures your application is not only comfortable, but also easy, not forgetting a wearing finish.

The eyeliner can also be sharpened in various sizes to meet the user’s needs.


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