Lorac Eyeshadows Pro Palette

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Get Lorac Eyeshadows Palette.


The Lorac Eyeshadow Pro palette is new to the market, and it only costs 44 USD only.

The palette also features 16 Eyeshadows.

Half of the set consist of matte while the other have comprises of shimmery. In addition, it comes with scenes eye primer which is found in a squeeze-tube. Plus, the Eyeshadows are ultra-pigmented and you can apply them either dry or wet.

White shadow

This one is crisp in texture and comprises a matte finish. It is a bit powdery but with a very soft texture. The appearance of the shadow is chalky especially when applied on the screen.

Cream shadow

This one is pale in color with subtle, undertones with a matte finish. The shadow is less pigmented. In addition, it has a stiff and dry texture.


This warm-toned Eyeshadow is somewhat dark brown. It also has some gray look in it with a matte finish. Its color is incredible and does payoff. The texture is smooth, soft and easily blended.

Light pink

This shadow has a light pink color with incredible undertones. Even though it is slightly powdery, it still has a great payoff.


This Eyeshadow has a pink-plum color with a matte finish.


This one has an incredible pigmentation and it is smooth to the skin. It has a warm-toned brown color.


This dark gray shadow a stiff texture, but with great payoff and matte finish.


It comes in black and has a matte finish


This one has a frosted finish


It is champagne colored


This one looks slightly metallic and it is frosted

Light bronze

This one comes with a yellow undertones with a frosted finish


This shadow features neutral undertones.


This shadow comes with reddish brown undertones and has a metallic sheen

Deep purple

The purple shadow is subtle and features a dusting of micro-shimmer


The charcoal gray shadow comes with some teal of small shimmer particles.


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