Smashbox Full Exposure Eye shadow Palette

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The Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow pallet features fourteen eye shadows of which seven are shimmers, and the other seven are matte.

The shimmer varies in colour, from light to dark. Well, what sets Smashbox from other brands is that its shades are always beautiful, soft and pigmented.

This particular product features a mini-full exposure mascara as well as a double-ended brush which sets its high enough high.

On the other side of the box is a flat eye shadow brush meant for use with shimmer shades. Also, the brush features black hairs on one end for darker shades while the other side has white hairs for lighter shimmer shades.

The palette comes with a fluffy blending brush for use with matter shades.

There is also the blender side which is amazing! The blender is soft and feels incredible as it gets rid of harsh edges so that your skin doesn’t have any mass on it.

The palette features different shades of browns, nudes and greys, with a mixture of both cold and warm tones. This tells you that it is not only incredible but also versatile.

Furthermore, the shimmers feel buttery and soft and are milled nicely, in such a way that no huge chunks of glitter can compromise with your skin.

The best way to use this palette is to apply the shimmer shades using your finger, and the reason for this is because you will not lose the shimmers. Also, the pigmentation will be thick, and you won’t see anything falling out of your skin.

Lastly, the matters are also incredible.

They are very soft and have the buttery feel of them.

You will love all the shades in this package. There is no dryness nor chalkiness, but only charm and pure beauty!


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